Forget the gimmicks, or the boring workout routines. Novo Body is taking fitness back to basics. We combine the old­school principals of bodybuilding, with a new­school mentality. Novo Body’s signature 60-minute workouts are unlike any other and focus on targeting, as well as, isolating every part of the body in order to maximize results while changing the body from head to toe. Our motivating, inspiring instructors are experts at teaching you how to properly lift weights, in order to become stronger and leaner. Our studio offers multiple classes daily, and our small, hands-on classes afford you the same attention you would receive in a private training session, at a fraction of the cost. You will feel (and then see) the difference here, as you strategically lift weights heavy enough to guarantee lasting results, while becoming mentally and physically empowered. Get ready to become obsessed!

Novo Body. It’s more than just a fitness class; it’s a way of life.



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  • Testimonial from Liz

    "Since starting at Novo Body 6 months ago, not only have I lost 20 lbs, but I am stronger and leaner. What I love are the trainers. They are fantastically motivating, and incredibly careful with teaching proper technique of weight lifting so that you don't get injured. I'm kinda obsessed with it and wish I could find the time to go everyday!"
    -Liz Yung (LA Client)

  • Testimonial from Ozzie

    "Novo Body has helped me not only transform my body but also the way I look at my health as a whole. Novo Body is not an ordinary gym, it has become my family. I look forward to every workout!"
    -Ozzie Osborne (LA Client)

  • Testimonial from Oded

    "Having tried many workout places and different workout routines in the past 5 years, I'm so happy I found Novo Body. It shatters all misconceptions regarding weight lifting training in a fun upbeat environment. At 47 years young I am stronger and leaner than I have ever been in my life."
    -Oded Mazor (LA Client)

Miguel Toni Carolyn Sarah

Mondays mean you're "back" to the grind so it's Chest and Back Day at Novo Body. Let's face it - the amount of sitting, twisting, bending over and rotating you do every day makes it challenging to keep your back feeling good. Our 60-minute class is designed to correct muscle imbalances, increase strength in your back and generally improve your quality of life as you set out to have a great week.


Let's get a leg up on the day on Tuesdays. At Novo Body, it's all about legs, butt and core - the most important workout of the week. This 60-minute class is dedicated to building a better butt and transforming the shape of your legs. Our mantra is "Never Skip Leg Day!" There are countless benefits to this workout. From a higher calorie burn to a boost in metabolism, you'll increase your flexibility, relieve lower back pain, reduce the risk of injury and increase your libido.


Novo Body is the shoulder you can lean on come Wednesday. On hump day, we focus on the smaller "show off" muscle groups of the upper body, giving special attention to the arms and shoulders. Benefits of this class include tightening the shape and appearance of your arms, which will contribute to a slimmer and tighter-looking waistline.


5-4-3-2-1... It's Thursday and time for the Novo Body Burn and Belly Blast! This is our signature 60-minute interval weightlifting and abs class, intended to raise your heart rate to optimal levels of fat burning, revving your metabolism and increasing your muscle endurance. Durning the 30 minutes of intense ab-sculpting exercises, we target your entire midsection, which is the most effective way to trim your waistline and get rid of stubborn belly fat. Both high-energy and fun, it's a can't-miss class at Novo Body.


Fill up on fitness for the weekend with our Full Body Sculpt class. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, our 60-minute Full Body Sculpt class is dedicated to the balance and functionality of the body. Did you know your muscles are meant to work together, allowing you to feel and function better in your day-to-day lives? This class will balance your muscles to work with you instead of against you, improving shoulder mobility, lower back and hamstring flexibility - all while burning fat. We hit every major muscle group on these three days and the routines are never the same. An intense and invigorating workout, this class focuses on big compund movements, including squats, standing shoulder press and chest press, targeting multiple muscle groups all at once.


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